The Great Challenge

A meditative person lives in the present, because there is no other way to live. But if you want to postpone living, you can live in the past or in the future. Yoga is not a method of meditation but a way of creating a situation in which meditation happens. And a person who has begun to live - who lives in the moment and is not concerned with any life goals - is a yogi, a renunciate, a sannyasin. 

Ordinarily we think that a sannyasin, a renunciate, is a person who has left life. This is absolute nonsense! A sannyasin is the only person who has begun to live. Sannyas is not renunciation but initiation into living. It is a renunciation of the dead past and of the unborn future. It is a renunciation of suicidal tendencies and of the postponement of living. It is initiation into life. And yoga is nothing more than initiation into the mysteries of life and a method for creating situations in which mediation can happen

India is not the only land that has developed yoga: whenever and wherever a person has truly lived he has created a yoga. Buddha had his own yoga, Mahavira and Jesus had their own yogas. So there may be thousands and thousands of different yogas. 

Every person, every individual, has his own way, has his own door through which he approaches reality. So no one can follow anyone else. The moment you follow, you can not become a yogi. The follower can never become a yogi, because following again means that you are longing for security: you want to be certain of achieving so you follow the path of someone who has already achieved. But what was a path for someone else may not be the path for you. In fact it cannot be, because individuals are unique, everyone has to create his own path. 

It is not that a path is ready-made and one just has to walk on it to reach somewhere; it is your own life which creates a path for you to walk on. You create the path and you move on it, and the more you create it, the more you move. A path created by one person cannot be trodden by anyone else because the path of yoga is inner. There are no outer markings and milestones, there are no outward signs at all. Buddha followed a certain path, but the path was an inner one which existed for him alone. No one else can move on it. 

No person can take another persons place. You can not die in my place. You can die for me - that is another thing - but you cannot replace me in my death. Even if you die for me it will be your death, chosen by you; it will not be my death. 

In the same way, you cannot love in my place. There can be no substitute, there can be no help, there can be no alternative. My love is bound to be my love and my death is bound to be my death. So how can my life be your life? My life is my life; no one else can make it his way to live. It is absolutely mine, and so individual that it cannot be shared. 

So everyone has his own yoga. Everyone has to create it himself. Everyone has to search in total loneliness, in total darkness. But that very search becomes the light in the dark because the very awareness of being alone destroys the loneliness and creates its own courage. 

 The Great Challenge, Osho