Our inner state is unique and universal

posted Jun 27, 2010, 7:11 AM by Avadhoot Dandekar   [ updated Jun 27, 2010, 9:56 AM ]
It is just an illusion that we are all different and distinct entities. This is just the perception of our minds and not an universal truth. This differentiation or discrimination is part of our minds, but at the depth of our inner being we are all one, unique and universal. Just imagine and ponder on a small example. There are so many rivers, wells and ponds on the surface of the earth. They all look different on the surface of the earth. But at the end of their journey they all submerge into the same ocean and become one with the ocean. We can also look at the same thing with another perspective that at their depth lies only one ocean. Consider another example. When a ray of light passes through the prism the same ray of light appears in various bands of different wavelength. These bands are of different color and different wavelengths and appear as different and distinct bands. But this is only an optical illusion of the prism. Where as the ray of light that passes through the prism is only one. The phenomenon of a rainbow is also based on the same principle. Same is the case with all human beings. We all appear as different and distinct personalities. But this is only on the surface and periphery of our personality. Deep down our inner center is the same. 

We are all the same individuals with the same soul. That is why the word individual is very very beautiful. The root of this word is the word whole or indivisible. Our consciousness can never be divisible. This perception that we are all different on the surface is just an optical illusion of our mind. When the ray of consciousness passes through the prism of our mind it gives an illusion that we are all different beings. This is just an illusion of our mind. The greatest reality is that we are all in fact one, unique and universal. This is our real identity. This is truly becoming an individual and indivisible. This is the inner experience of all the Buddhas. Even the result of the quantum physics is also the same. The experimental result and metaphysical experience of the quantum physicist is also the same that the whole cosmos is an interconnected oneness.