The Perfect Yogi

posted Jul 10, 2010, 11:28 PM by Avadhoot Dandekar   [ updated Jul 11, 2010, 9:40 AM ]
We have all heard that a dog has got a sixth sense. But we all human beings though considered to be at a higher level of evolution are deprived of this sense. We all have only five senses. Normally, animals have got sixth sense because they are totally perfect as animals. They are very close to the nature. Whereas human beings are not perfect as human beings and they are much away from the nature. In the recent Tsunami the greatest damage has happened to us and our properties. The least damage has happened to the animals. Why? The reason was that the animals could perceive and foresee the changes in the nature. They could foresee the trouble. Because they are found to be very close to the nature. It seems they have that sixth sense by which they can know the changes happening in the nature. Because of this sixth sense the animals were able to go to the higher places and mountains before the Tsunami reached them. All the human understanding is only post facto. After everything has happened and not before. The reason is that we are not close to the nature. We have gone away from the nature. It seems we have gone berserk. The whole ecological imbalance is because of this. And we do not have that sixth sense by default. An animal is perfect as an animal. A dog is perfect as a dog. No change is required in their case. Yoga talks about attaining to the sixth sense by the human beings. Even Bhagwat Gita also talks about it. The Upanishads also say about it. But this sixth sense in human beings is possible only by design and the same is not available by default. This is a higher sense. Just think of these two words: dog-like or god-like. If you look into these two words there is not much a difference. All the alphabets in the two words are just the same. But just a little rearrangement makes a huge difference. Both the words have totally different meanings. Dog-like means having a sixth sense. But the sixth sense is by default. But the dog is not aware of the sixth sense. God-like also means that a person has now got a sixth sense. But this has been attained by design and not by default. God-like means that the man is now aware of the sixth sense. He is also aware of the greatest fact that it can be possible to anybody but only by design. It can be possible only by a conscious effort. God-like means that the person is now aware and conscious of the divinity pervading the whole creation. And this is every individual's birth right. Now the person is capable of having a different insight into the present and the future. So these are the two choices that a man can be either dog-like or god-like.    

The scientists have also come to the same conclusion when they have completely explored the atomic and sub-atomic world that there is one force that keeps the whole atom intact. The force that keeps the whole atom unified. Without this force the whole atom could have been disintegrated. The stability of the atom is because of this force. The whole matter would have been disintegrated. The electrons would have collided with the protons and disintegrated. The electrons and protons could have collided with the nucleus and the whole atom and the whole matter as a consequence would have been disintegrated. There is something that keeps the whole atom in a stable condition. The scientists have called this force as a unifying force. But it seems as if these are available to the matter and the animals by default. This is a God given gift to them. This has been gifted to them by nature. But the same is not true for the human beings. That is the reason Yoga talks about the same sixth sense but by design. It is hidden and covered. It has to be uncovered. Bhagwat Gita says that this sixth sense is Sthitaprajna. It is a Sanskrit word. It means one who has become one with the whole. It means one who has attained to his self nature. It means one who has established in himself. It means one who is standing in his wisdom and order. It means one who is steady and calm. It means one who is capable of keeping equanimity in all situations. It means one whose equilibrium can no longer be disturbed by anything. It means one who has attained to his inner balance.

The whole path of yoga is an inner discovery. The whole science of yoga is a method to acquaint one with this mystery. Yoga is a great odyssey to this destination. This is our ultimate destiny. But it is by design and not by default. That is the reason why I am calling Yoga the science of inner engineering.