Yoga and Meditation Tips

In this section we will continue to share with you Yoga and Meditation tips to make things easy. The discipline of yoga and meditation has always been believed to be an uphill task and it is designed only for the ascetics. This is the biggest wrong notion and a myth. Yoga is the most beautiful discipline when it is done gracefully. The first and foremost thing is to create love towards the discipline. Then slowly and slowly the same discipline will become a prayer. It is said, "A journey that is well begun is half done". This is the only prerequisite. One has to just begin. When our action is a celebration our doing becomes divine. And when our journey is a joy our destination becomes our destiny. All this saying has no meaning unless we really start doing yoga. Let us walk the talk and not just talk the walk. Let us make it happen. Wishing you all a very happy yoga journey.

The Joy of Yoga

posted Jun 28, 2010, 12:11 AM by Avadhoot Dandekar   [ updated Jul 2, 2010, 9:54 AM ]

One of the greatest discoveries of psychology is that if you hate something it goes far and far away from you. Even a slightest dislike is enough to create a great barrier. Forget about knowing or becoming one with that thing, it goes miles and miles away from you. But the other side is also true. If you love something, it comes closer and closer to you or you go closer and closer to it. The day or moment is not far away when you become one with it. This is one of the greatest discoveries of psychology. What is yoga? Yoga literally means to unite or to become one or to yoke. This is the science of becoming one with the divine. It is the miracle of the union of the body with the soul. And if we don't love yoga how this miracle is going to happen. The story is the same even with yoga. You can apply the above insight to any thing in life.

So the first lesson in yoga is you first start loving it. Once you start loving it, you start getting joy out of it. And one day the result will be that you will be immensely blissful and ecstatic. This joy is never ending and eternal. The reason is, now you are not only the body but you have recognized and realized the soul inside the body. This state of infinite happiness is the result of or by-product of Yoga. Now there is no more effort of the union. Now you have become one with Brahma. This is Samadhi. And this is the goal of yoga.

So please start lovingly and joyfully. There is no competition in this. Yoga is for all. Yoga is for young and yoga is for old. Yoga is for boys and yoga is for the girls. Yoga is for men and yoga is for women. Yoga is for the poor and yoga is for the rich. Yoga is for the famous and yoga is also for those who are not famous. Yoga is a pure science. It does not discriminate. And one more thing. Yoga has nothing to do with any religion. Just one thing to be remembered. It is a small precaution. Anybody who is suffering from any ailments has to be very careful. He might have to do some variations in the exercises or postures. Only such people need to be careful and have to do yoga under the guidance of a yoga teacher. 

So the first thing is start taking interest in doing yoga. Start creating love for it. Let there be joy on the path of yoga. Don't worry for any particular postures. Do them with your own pace. Yoga is an individual sport. There is no competition in this. There is no Olympic. Some people are trying to make it as an Olympic sport. This would be a sheer nonsense. Yoga is not that kind of a sport. Yoga is individual, non-comparative and non-competitive. You start with your own pace and rhythm. There is a pace in yoga but there is no race in yoga. Through yoga you create space in you and not race in you. This pace and space is individual. And this is the purity of yoga. The postures will start becoming easy to you slowly and steadily. Moreover, there is no need to attempt each and every posture. If something is becoming difficult start slowly. Start with the easier ones first. The only thing that is must in yoga is the regularity. Each one has to take some time for it daily. Everyday we eat, drink, work and sleep. Why can't we take out some time for yoga daily? Yoga has to become a daily routine. This is the only condition if there is any. 

See the four most important things in the life of a healthy person are: right food, right exercise, right meditation and right sleep. Yoga will take care of right exercise and right meditation. Yoga is not only exercises and postures. Yoga is a holistic system. Posture is the beginning and composure is the goal. Body is the beginning and Buddha-hood is the goal. 

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