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You don't always have to meet me in person, though you are most welcome. It would be my greatest joy and pleasure to meet you in person. The world wide web is a wonderful virtual place to meet people with just clicks and cursors. We are all just a click away. The geeks have really done a wonderful job. All kudos to them for this outstanding feat. A journey that is miles away has been made so easy and is just a click away. The same is the case with our spiritual journey too. It is neither in time nor in space. It is in a dimension that is beyond time and space. 

Albert Einstein
was absolutely right in saying that time and space are just one and the same. It is just the illusion of our mind that they appear as two distinct entities. He called this phenomenon as Spacetime. That is, the space and time are not two distinct entities. The moment the time ceases we are instantly transported into an infinite space of timelessness. The same is also true when we enter into an infinite space of our being. There is no time in the infinite space of our being. There is only timelessness or eternity. The experience is the same in both the situations.

It is in this state of the mind the past and the future cease to exist and we enter into an eternal present. This moment is always here and now. And this moment is eternally waiting for all of us to experience. This experince is our birthright. And this experience can be made possible with the help of Yoga and Meditation

You are all welcome on this journey called Yoga Spirit, the secret to our health and happiness. You are most welcome to contact us with the help of the following contact form. It is our greatest pleasure to answer all your queries to the best of our abilities and in the shortest time possible. All the relevant questions and answers will also be published in the Question and Answer section of the website for the benefit of other readers. Your query and question is not only just yours but may be of many and hence can be of immense help to many others. Therefore, please don't hesitate to post any of your queries. We strongly believe that asking questions is more valuable and important than giving answers to the questions.