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Power of Yoga

Yoga means being one with oneself, and ultimately being one with the divine. This is the ultimate goal of Yoga. It is an art and science of moving from Duality to Non-Duality. It is a way to move from Relativity to Reality. There is a whole lot of confusion. Is it Power Yoga or Yoga Power? Is there anything called the ‘Power Yoga?. No, there is nothing like Power Yoga. This is a misnomer. The words are arranged wrongly. This is a great misunderstanding. It is either Yoga Power or Power of Yoga. We cant create any power. We are not capable of creating any power. All the power that we create is only for destruction. There are only two ways : the way of creation, or the way of destruction. The power is already there. The Divine Power is already hidden within our own being. We can only realize this inner power. We can only experience this inner power. All power is only for a prayer. There is no other purpose of a power. A question arises in our skeptical mind. What is the use then? What is the purpose then? The only purpose is that you experience your own Divine Power. You discover your own Self. You just create your own Self. You just discover Yourself !! You are now a different being. You are now a New Being. You are not the same Old You. But you are totally a New You. There is another confusion going on. Is Yoga Hot or Sexy? This is another misnomer. Yoga is neither Hot nor Sexy. Yoga is Cool !! Yoga helps us to move from our Body to our Being. Yoga transforms us from our lower energies to higher energies. Yoga transforms us from Lust to Love. Yoga helps us to take a quantum leap from Sex to Superconsciousness

There are four power centers of Yoga. And these are: Physical Power, Intellectual Power, Emotional Power, and Spiritual Power.

Physical Power
  • Transforming the Body to attain physical strength. 
  • Hands and legs are the wings of this center. 
  • All emphasis is on Doing and action of the body. 
  • This path is of Karma Yoga - the Yoga of Action
  • The Yogi on this path becomes the Karma Yogi
  • The whole journey is from Doing to Being
  • All action becomes celebration. 
  • All doing becomes divine. 
  • The doer disappears in his doing. 
  • Through Doing the Yogi reaches to his Being. 
  • The Kama Yogi becomes a Raja Yogi
Intellectual Power
  • Transforming the Mind to attain intellectual strength. 
  • Thinking and power of thought are the wings of this center. 
  • All emphasis is on Thinking
  • All thinking is doing and all doing is thinking. 
  • This path is of Jnana Yoga - the Yoga of Knowledge
  • The Yogi on this path becomes the Jnana Yogi
  • The whole journey is from Thinking to Being
  • All thinking becomes a joy and celebration. 
  • All thinking becomes divine. 
  • The thinker disappears in his thinking. 
  • Through Thinking the Yogi reaches to his Being. 
  • The Jnana Yogi becomes the Raja Yogi
Emotional Power
  • Transforming the Heart to attain emotional strength. 
  • Intuition and Imagination are the wings of this center. 
  • All emphasis is on Feeling
  • All action is feeling and all feeling is action. 
  • This path is of Bhakti Yoga - the Yoga of Devotion
  • The Yogi on this path becomes a Bhakta Yogi. 
  • The whole journey is from Feeling to Being
  • All feeling becomes joy and celebration. 
  • All feeling becomes divine. 
  • The devotee disappears in his doing. 
  • Through Feeling the Yogi reaches to his Being. 
  • The Bhakta Yogi becomes a Raja Yogi
Spiritual Power
  • This is the stage of the BeingAll doing in the form of action, knowledge, and devotion disappears in the Being. It is like when all rivers disappear in the ocean and become one with the ocean. 
  • All action that of the Karma Yogi, Jnana Yogi, and Bhakta Yogi disappears in the Raja Yogi
  • All Doing becomes Being. All becoming becomes being. 
  • All action in the form of doing, thinking, and feeling becomes just seeing, living, and being. The Yogi ultimately becomes the Raja Yogi. He now knows the mystery that in the presence of the Superconsciousness things are happening. He becomes a pure witness to all this happening. This is the mystery of the Yoga. This is the Power of Yoga.
Doing and action is the beginning. Kriya and Karma is the beginning. Without doing nothing can be attained. Without an action nothing really is possible. Doing is the beginning and Being is the goal. Through Karma we come to know Akarma. Throgh Doing we come to know Non-Doing. Through Action we come to know Non-Action. And with the knowledge of both we enter into Vikarma. This is the transcendence. This is the secret of Yoga and this is the mystery of Yoga. Yoga simply means being one with oneself. And ultimately being one with the divine. Yoga is to be one with the One. But we are not One. We are all divided. This state of Oneness is not available by default. This state of Oneness is possible only through design. And hence the need and usefulness of Yoga. Our true being simply means that now there are no divisions. 

Yoga means dissolution of all divisions in the Being. Therefore, the Body is the beginning of Yoga and the Being is the Goal of Yoga. The experience of the supreme or the Superconsciousness is that Oneness. You now become the emperor of your own consciousness. This is Raja Yoga !!