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The purpose of any Time Management tool or technique is to manage our time in a most creative manner. Let one thing be very clear in our minds that our whole time is in our hands and not that we are wholly in the hands of the time. When we don’t design our time and are in the hands of time, the result is that it utilizes us in accordance with its own past conditioning and programming. This is the situation that is always by default and not by design. This can some times be a very good excuse of saying that we are in the hands of destiny. This can be a very nice way of feeling that we are in the safe and secure hands. In the process, on some occasions, we find that our time has not been utilized properly and it has been an utter waste. This results into a feeling of self-pity. Sometimes, even this feeling and realization is a very good thing and can become a great pointer to the other perspective that the same time could have been utilized in a best possible and creative manner. This feeling and realization can become a turning point to our inner creativity. For some this can be a calling. 

The very first and common mistake that many of us do is that we never make note of our time. It just passes without noticing and without knowing. And some people term this as ‘Time Pass’. It is as if we have been descended on Earth with a very specific purpose of loitering. We have not come here accidentally. We all have come here with a specific purpose. The whole existence wants to speak something through us. Let us listen silently to this inner voice within all of us. This can become our calling. Then this very time becomes divine and eternal to us. 

I have heard an anecdote pertaining to the life of Buddha. Gautama Siddhartha became enlightened in 40 odd years. He then became known as Buddha, an enlightened one, an awakened one. The whole of his life after that he spent as a Teacher, a Guru and a Life Coach. The whole purpose of his life was to help the humanity rejuvenate and rekindle their lives with energy and Enlightenment. This went on for another 40 odd years after his enlightenment. Ananda was his cousin and his closest disciple. Ananda was the most revered among Gautam Buddha’s disciples. Ananda said to Buddha once, “It is now more than 40 years that I have been with you on this journey. I have been observing and watching you all along that you wake up at a particular time, go on a morning walk at a particular time, take your bath at a particular time, take your food at a particular time, take your nap at a particular time, give your discourses at a particular time and finally go back to your bed in the night at a particular time. After watching and observing you for all these years I find that these things are moving and happening in your life in a very systematic, synchronic and symphonic manner. And I find it very difficult to know and understand, whether you are following any discipline or the discipline is following you. And the more I ponder on it, it makes me believe very strongly that the discipline must be following you”. Buddha said to Ananda, “What I am doing is not a habit. I am not doing anything. I am also not following any ritual or discipline. I have disappeared long back and it is all just happening. Look at the whole creation, how things are happening. The earth moves around itself, it also moves around the sun, the sun must also be moving around a bigger sun, all the seasons follow one after another. And all this is going on for ages. All this is happening in an absolutely synchronic and symphonic manner. Is this nature’s habit? It is not. The nature is not forcing any habit. The nature does not follow any discipline. This is nature’s nature. The whole creation is an order. The whole creation is a cosmos and not a chaos. But as a beginning one has to follow and go through a discipline. Disciple is a very beautiful word. It means one who is following a particular discipline. And moving on the path of a discipline, one day leads us to an order. A moment will come and one will attain to the order of the universe”. We all need to create a strong desire for this order.

This order is possible by learning the ancient art of Yoga. Yoga is an ancient science of an inner journey which will eventually lead us to an inner balance. And striking this inner balance leads us to attain to the order. This strong desire should lead us to the eight-fold path of Ashtang Yoga. And following this sequential path of 8 steps leads us to the goal of yoga. This path is called the Ashtang Yoga. This ancient science is the result of the whole life effort of sage Patanjali. The whole credit goes to him for creating this system of Yoga which is a pure science. The eight limbs of Ashtang Yoga are: Yam, Niyam, Asan, Pranayam, Pratyahar, Dharana, Dhyan, and Samadhi

is whole and holistic
. It is a complete science. It is a complete system to transform our whole being. The ultimate stage is called Samadhi. And it means ‘Samadhan’. This word is from the Sanskrit root and it literally means a solution. And what was the problem? The problem was of a chaos and confusion. Now there is no chaos. There is no confusion. There is no conflict. There is no fight. There is no disorder. The inner balance has been attained. This is called an order. This is an order of the whole existence. There is no name to this. You can call it by whatever name you wish to call. You can call it Dhamma. You can call it Dharma. You can call it Tao. You can call it Nirvana. You can call it divinity. You can call it Brahma. You can call it God. This is that stage. This is that state. All names are just indications of the experience of this state. All names are just pointers to this ultimate experience. All these names are just arrows pointing towards that ultimate realization. This universal order is our destiny. Let all our Time Management be done keeping this destiny in mind. This way all our Time Management can become our Life Management. Let some little time of our every day life be called a Yoga Time

This is what Patanjali says in the first Yoga Sutra, “Atha Yoganushasanam”. Now begins the discipline of Yoga !!